Romosozumab (Evenity)

Evenity (romosozumab) is a biologic medicine used to treat and prevent thinning of the bones (called osteoporosis).

Evenity is a type of protein called a monoclonal antibody that works by disrupting a natural process in the body that stops the formation of bone. This gives the process that builds up the bones a chance to get ahead and improve bone density.

Taking Evenity

Evenity is available in a 105 mg pre-filled syringe. A normal dose is 210 mg (2 syringes) given once every month for 12 months.

To help build the bones, patients should take calcium and vitamin D while taking Evenity. Doctors will tell their patients the right amount of calcium and vitamin D to take. Patients should take any supplements exactly as prescribed by their doctor.

Important Tests and Risks




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