Anakinra (Kineret)

Kineret (Anakinra) is a is a biologic medicine that helps the pain and swelling of arthritis. Kineret is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, but it can be used to treat other diseases as well.

Kineret works by blocking IL-1 (Interleukin-1), a family of signalling proteins (cytokines) that are involved in the body’s immune and inflammatory response.

Taking Kineret

Kineret is available as a subcutaneous (under the skin) injection.

It may take many weeks to know if Kineret is working. Patients starting this medicine should be patient and keep taking it, and discuss any concerns with their doctor.

Important Tests and Risks




Watch Dr. Andy Thompson, a Canadian rheumatologist, introduce Kineret in this short video:


Kineret Quick Reference Guide


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