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Optimization of growth parameters for increased yield of the edible mushroom, , B. J. Purkayastha and Aindrila Chandra—had noted it to be a popular mushroom in markets in West Bengal. H.S. Similarly, Gopinath et al. Contents of vitamins, mineral elements, and some phenolic compounds in cultivated mushrooms. This is one of the mushrooms that recurs in the same location for many years, often in scattered groups but occasionally in fairy rings. Milky Mushrooms are also known as summer mushrooms. Nutritional composition (expressed on a dry weight basis) of C. indica fruit bodies, harvested from different substrates is presented in Table 3. JN874408.1 Calocybe indica India Macrocybe HQ184104.1 Tricholoma argyraceum France HQ184103.1 Tricholoma argyraceum France AY082607.1 Tricholoma myomyces Irland AF349697.1 Tricholoma cingulatum Netherlands KC413945.1 Tricholoma mongolicum KC413944.1 Tricholoma mongolicum KC413949.1 Tricholoma mongolicum KC413948.1 Tricholoma mongolicum The total yield of C. indica differed significantly on different casing materials. Means with different letters within columns are significantly (p ≤ 0.05) different according to least significant difference test. They placed it in the section Calocybe of the genus Calocybe, noting that it appeared closely related to and was similar morphologically to Calocybe gambosa, from which it differed by having slightly larger oval spores, and a stouter mushroom. The prepared media (1.5 kg) was filled in transparent polypropylene bags of 25.4 cm × 38.1 cm size and pasteurised. Assessment of different casing materials for use as peat alternatives in mushroom cultivation: Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative production parameters. Increasing the period of treatment and observation. Moisture content was determined by drying fresh samples until constant weight at 105°C in a hot air oven. With the increase in temperature during incubation from 25 to 35°C, mycelial growth of milky mushroom was highly influenced. Although stem diameter was non-significant among substrates, the diameter observed in wheat straw was ~18% greater than in other substrates. Milky mushroom, having high-temperature requirements of 30 −35°C as compared to other cultivated mushrooms, can be cultivated in hot humid climate throughout the summer season (Pani, 2010; Kumar et al., 2012). Share on twitter. The total yield obtained of milky mushroom per bag significantly varied with supplementing materials (Table 7). Sharma, S. K., Lall, A. M., and Lal, A. Arora, R. K., Mishra, K. K., Verma, R. C., and Singh, R. P. (2004). I. Calocybe (Guttatae) (Fr.) , S. T. (2008). , T. S. (2010). The following observations were recorded: days to complete mycelium running of substrate filled bags, number of mature fruiting bodies harvested from per bag, total yield obtained per bag in grams and biological efficiency expressed as percentage. Royse, D. J., Rhodes, T. W., Ohga, S., and Sanchez, J. E. (2004). The N, P, K content significantly varied in fruiting bodies of mushrooms grown on different substrates (Table 3). Mature sporocarp of Calocybe indica … In addition to the four basic ... Prasad, and Sharma (2018) found that Glu content of Calocybe indica fruit bodies was positively correlated with selenium concentration cultivated on Se-enriched wheat straw. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 49(5), 2343–2348. Doshi, A., Sharma, S. S., and Trivedi, A. The highest biological efficiency (54.62%) was recorded in wheat straw while the lowest biological efficiency (22.95%) was measured in cotton waste. [2], C. indica is cultivated commercially in southern India and becoming more popular in China, Malaysia, and Singapore; it can be grown in hot humid (60% to 70%) countries with a temperature range of 25 to 35 °C year-round, It undergoes the two phases dark phase and the light phase where in dark phase the mycelium development will takes place and in the light phase the pin heads start growing. Wikipedia. Effects of various easily available supplementation materials (i.e. Alam, N., Amin, R., Khair, A., and Lee, T. S. (2010). Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology, 27(2), 139–145. (2000). The authors are grateful to Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan for financial support to this study under SRGP#1071. Both PDA and MEA media gave the maximum growth (8.43 cm and 7.73 cm, respectively) at 30°C. and S. N. helped in designing and statistical analysis and S.E and S.A. helped in analysis. The agronomic traits studied such as total yield, number of fruiting bodies, the maximum diameter of pileus and stalk length, biological efficiency, protein contents, phosphorous and potassium contents were observed on wheat straw substrate. , I. Production of grain mother and planting spawns of Lentinus subnudus Berk. Br. Ligninolytic enzymes activities of Oyster mushrooms cultivated on OMW (olive mill waste) supplemented media, spawn and substrates. Casing materials must have high water holding capacity, a good air space ratio to facilitate gaseous exchange, porosity and bulk density (Yadav, 2006). However, the lowest efficiency was noted in non-supplemented substrate (Table 7). Peat moss, loam soil and spent mushroom substrate were used as casing materials. Mycobiology, 38(3), 184–188. Mushroom Information, 12, 12–22. Cultivation of Pleurotus. Mushrooms were dried from about 84 to 3% moisture content (w.b) in about 8 h. Solar drier was cost effective and efficient in Chang, S. T. (2008). The ash content was estimated from the sample incinerated at 600 ± 15°C (Raghuramulu et al. They are also less demanding and offer a high yield. The following parameters were recorded for this experiment: number of fruiting bodies harvested from per bag, total yield obtained from per bag and biological efficiency in percentage. It is a fantastic variety that grows in states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andra Pradesh, and Odisha. Calocybe indica. Several supplementing materials, such as cotton cake, soybean flour, maize powder, wheat bran, mustard cake, cottonseed, pigeon pea powder, lentil powder, gram powder, neem cake, rice bran, loam soil, spent mushroom substrate, and so on, were used by many workers to enhance the yield and biological efficiency of mushroom (Alam et al., 2010; Amin et al., 2010; Kumar et al., 2012). Two types of agar media, that is potato dextrose agar (PDA) and malt extract agar (MEA), were used for the mycelial development at various temperature levels, that is, 25°C, 30°C and 35°C. Vertical bars represent mean ± SE (n = 3). Among the casing materials used, the highest yield and biological efficiency were observed on peat moss. *Corresponding author: lewin_darwin@yahoo.com Abstract Experiments were conducted to explore the influence of cultural … Values are expressed as means ± standard error. Mushrooms are considered as a rich source of protein (20–40%) on a dry weight basis (Kurtzman, 2005), dietary fibres, minerals (P, K, Na, Ca and Fe), vitamins such as B1, B2, B12, niacin, folate and ascorbic acid (Mattila et al., 2001) and amino acids while being low in fats. (2010) who found that wheat bran supplement added with substrate increased the growth, yield and biological efficiency of milky mushroom. Arshukla, C. (2004). Calocybe indica is a tropical edible mushroom of Indian origin and can be cultivated indoor in high temperature and humidity areas (Purkayastha & Chandra, 1974). However, there is a need to specify substrates for the cultivation of milky mushroom. Variability among the strains of. Effect of casing materials on growth attributes of Calocybe indica fruiting body. Proximate composition and mineral content of selected edible mushroom varieties of Bangladesh. There are not many species of this genus in Britain. The use of Calocybe indica (Milky mushroom) as the medium of mycoremediation effectively lessen the count of bacterial colonies in Marikina River’s water by creating a bio-antagonistic relationship with the bio-pollutants present on the water samples. The wheat grains were half-boiled at 100°C for 30 min (Ruiz-Rodríguez et al., 2011). (pp. Evaluation of various casing materials for enhancing growth and yield of button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus Lange). Variability among the strains of Calocybe indica (P&C). Influence of different supplements on the commercial cultivation of milky white mushroom. 3 Biotech, 2, 249–257. 3Influence of various casing materials on the yield and biological efficiency of milky mushroom, Experiment No. Around nine species are found in neotropical regions. Abstract: Milky mushroom (Calocybe indica) has become the third commercially grown mushroom in India after button and oyster mushrooms. , A. J. Calocybe gambosa. (2017) with little modifications. Substrates like maize stalks, sorghum stalks, vetiver grass and straw were also found to be suitable for growing Calocybe indica. Pharmacognostical studies Macroscopical analysis The morphological characters of the fruiting body such as colour, surface texture, taste and odour were examined15,16. (2003). AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists). (pp. PDA media was used in this experiment with pH levels of 6, 7 and 8.

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