Travel Checklist

Travel is still possible for people with arthritis. Its best to prepare in advance to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. Here’s the advice that rheumatologist Dr. Andy Thompson gives to his patients who are travelling:

Travel Checklist for Arthritis Patients

  1. Before leaving, pop in to your rheumatologist’s office to make sure everything is ok. Some patients come by for a quick joint injection (if needed).
  2. Check that you have enough medication for the trip
  3. Double-check your medication to make sure that you are bringing the right medication with you.
  4. Always carry your medicine onboard the aircraft – never check medication with your luggage because it might get lost.
  5. If you are taking syringes, get a letter from your rheumatologist stating what the syringes and medicine is for.
  6. If your medication needs refrigerating, you can carry a cooler and ice pack. Alternatively, you can ask the flight attendant to temporarily store your medicine in an on-board refrigerator (if available).
  7. If you are flying, get up every hour to walk around. If you’re driving, stop frequently to stretch and loosen up.
  8. Get a good pair of walking/running shoes.
  9. Stay well hydrated.
  10. It is always a good idea to take travel insurance and health insurance.
  11. Above all, have a great time!