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RheumInfo welcomes sponsors interested in helping to fund the maintenance and development of rheuminfo.com and its related educational initiatives.

Sponsorship enables us to launch new initiatives and educational programs, develop new content for this website as research and therapeutics evolve, and to iteratively improve our content to ensure currency and compatibility with modern devices.

Editorial Indepdendence

RheumInfo’s strict policy is to maintain 100% editorial independence.

Our content is not and cannot be vetted or reviewed by current or past sponsors other than to verify the objective and scientific accuracy of product information. In fact, we welcome this feedback from anyone.

Free from Commercial Bias

All of our content is reviewed by rheumatologists and qualified healthcare practitioners to help ensure accuracy and relevance.

Our team’s goal is to be a trusted source of helpful, easy-to-digest content that is as objective and as free from commercial bias as possible.

We believe there is an interest within the rheumatology community to maintain a comprehensive, accurate, and objective patient-focused resource that can be recommended by patients, healthcare professionals, and industry alike. We welcome sponsors that share in our vision.

We may acknowledge sponsors on the RheumInfo.com website.

We may also promote the availability of patient support programs or other resources offered to patients or healthcare practitioners by our sponsors.

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