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COVID-19 Daily Update — Don’t Eat the Cake!

In today’s video update, Dr. Andy Thompson compares COVID-19 to a chronic illness like diabetes to explain why it’s important to maintain social distancing practices.

Other topics in this video include:

  • A look at where Canada is on flattening the curve in terms of number of cases and number of deaths
  • How other countries around the world are doing in their battle with COVID-19
  • A special look at the time it will take us to come back down based on data from other countries.

The video includes Dr. Thompson’s review of the latest cases and deaths in Canada’s provinces, and an analysis of the global numbers.

Dr. Andy Thompson is a Canadian rheumatologist working in Arva, Ontario at The Arva Clinic (arvaclinic.com). He founded RheumInfo.com in 2003.