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GOLD (Myochrisine)

How to use this medication

What is it

Gold is a medicine used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

Given by injection

Gold is given by an injection once a week.  The normal dose is 50 mg every week.

Given once a week

Gold is given once a week by a trained nurse.  When it is working well the dose may be given every two to four weeks.

Give it some time

Gold does not work right away.  It can take 3 months before you start feeling the effects of gold.

What you need to do

Call if you develop a rash

Some people can develop a rash or itchiness while taking gold. Let your doctor know if this happens.

Get regular blood& urine tests

When taking gold, your blood & urine should be tested regularly. These tests are done EVERY WEEK to start. If you are not having problems, blood and urine tests can be done EVERY MONTH. It is important to make sure gold isn’t harming your kidneys or affecting your blood counts.

Drug Interactions

Severe reactions can occur when myochrisine is given to patients taking ACE-inhibitors. These reactions can include severe lowering of blood pressure, flushing, nausea, and fainting. Read more …

Side effects & important things to know

Allergic reaction

Some patients feel weak, faint, dizzy, or sick after receiving a gold injection.  This usually goes away after you lie down for a few minutes. Severe reactions can occur in patients taking ACE-inhibitors.

Mouth sores

Gold can rarely cause sores in the mouth. It can also cause a metal taste in the mouth.

Muscle aches

Some patients have aching muscles or joints after an injection. Let your doctor know if this is severe.


Gold can rarely irritate the kidneys. This is monitored through blood and urine tests.

Pregnancy & breastfeeding

Gold has not been studied in pregnancy. Gold has been used safely during pregnancy. Let your doctor know if you are planning to get pregnant or if you are breastfeeding.

Other very rare side effects

There are rare reports of gold harming the liver, intestine or lungs.  Fortunately, this is very rare.

When should I call my doctor

Please call if you need to stop

  • If you feel sick and want to stop
  • If you are concerned about any side effects

Other Reasons to Call your Doctor:

If you feel weak, faint, dizzy, or sick after an injection

If you have mouth sores

If you become pregnant

If you have muscle aches

If you develop a rash or feel itchy

Other important information

Stopping Gold

You can simply stop taking gold. You do not need to wean off. Let your doctor know if you stop the medication.