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DULOXETINE (Cymbalta) [Doo-LOX-e-teen]

How to use this medication

What is it

Duloxetine is a medication used to treat different types of pain such as neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia.

Take it once a day

Duloxetine is taken once a day.


Duloxetine comes in different strength capsules.  A usual starting dose is 30 to 60 mg once a day.

What you need to do

Get occasional blood tests

Have your blood tested occasionally. This is important to make sure duloxetine isn’t irritating your liver.

Limit alcohol

Drinking alcohol while taking duloxetine can irritate your liver. It is best to limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Discuss with your doctor.

Side effects & important things to know

Nausea & Constipation

Duloxetine can cause pain in the stomach, nausea, or vomiting.  It can also a dry mouth and constipation.

Dizziness & confusion

Duloxetine can make you feel dizzy. It can rarely cause agitation or confusion.

Blurry vision

Duloxetine can cause blurry vision. Let your doctor know if you have glaucoma before starting duloxetine.

Blood pressure

Duloxetine can rarely cause an increase in your blood pressure.  Your doctor will monitor this.  Tell your doctor if you have high blood pressure.

Increased sweating

Duloxetine can rarely cause an abnormal increase in sweating.


Duloxetine can rarely cause a headache.

Bladder problems

Duloxetine can cause urine retention and difficulty voiding.

Pregnancy & breastfeeding

Duloxetine has not been studied in pregnancy.  Let your doctor know if you are planning to get pregnant or if you are breastfeeding.

When should I call my doctor

Please call if you need to stop

  • * If you feel sick and want to stop
  • * If you are concerned about any side effects
  • * If you want to or have already stopped the medicine

Other Reasons to Call your Doctor:

Dizziness, confusion, or agitation

Blurry vision

Increased blood pressure

Severe stomach pain

If you become pregnant

Other important information

Stopping Duloxetine Slowly

It is best to stop duloxetine slowly. The dose should be reduced over a week or two.