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Natural Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Is there anything “natural” that I can take?

“All of my friends are taking natural supplements.”

“My mom brought over this great new tablet from our local health store that will get rid of arthritis.”

“I’ve heard that magnets can work well for arthritis?”

“There’s this herb from Peru that I’ve started taking”

“I’ve got this immune booster to help me get rid of my RA”

As a practicing rheumatologist I’ve heard everything about natural remedies for RA. I only want the best for my patients and everyone with RA – including you. If there was a proven natural remedy, I would be the first person to recommend it to you. The fact is that there are no proven “natural” remedies for RA.

I’ve had patients decide to go the “natural route”. That’s ok. We all have a choice. The unfortunate thing is many of these patients come back to see me down the road. At that point, they are sometimes worse off.

I’m not really a betting person. However, if I developed RA, or any other disease for that matter, I would bet on a treatment with proven results. I know that medications have side effects. I know that it is scary for all of us to start taking a new medication. But why not deal with the known than the unknown?

I really dislike the term “alternative medicine”. I don’t think there are alternatives but rather “complimentary medicines”. I have many patients who combine “traditional Western medicine” with other philosphies of “Eastern medicine” or “natural products. These patients often do well because they care so much about their health.

The important thing for you to remember is to discuss all of your “complimentary therapies” with your rheumatologist to make sure nothing interacts with your medications.