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What is Adherence?

Adherence is a concept that doctors use to describe how well you are taking your medication. The term adherence comes from the word “adhere,” which means to “stick to” something. We’re interested in how well you “stick to” your treatment plan.

There are 3 essential ingredients that make up good adherence:

  • Filling your doctor’s prescription and starting to take the medicine right away
  • Taking the medication exactly how your doctor prescribed (e.g., every day in the morning before eating breakfast)
  • Continuing to take your medication exactly as prescribed over the coming months and years

Adherence is an important concern for your doctor when you have RA. Some patients can start forgetting to take their medicine properly as time goes on, and some patients take time off because they’re feeling good. It is important to remember that RA is always there, and that properly taking your medication is one of the most important things you can do to keep you feeling well over the long run.

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